A few words about our 50mm Camera Lens Bags.

We tripped back to NYC to work with our pal Dan Mc Rorie Co-Founder of the Knickerbocker Factory in Brooklyn, NY for help sewing up our latest item of interest. Dan's sewing skills are stellar, and this project requires not only skills sewing, but also in handling the delicate Japanese Boro fabric we found in Stephen Szczepanek's showroom in Brooklyn called SRI Threads ( click here to learn more about Stephen) .

These bags in 50mm size come as a protective case for the collaboration Elsewhere 006. We wanted to design a classic case to hold the candle in your carry on or packed luggage. We also wanted to make sure we designed a piece that could easily stand wear and remain a timeless design. The idea came to us one day while we were packing up our camera gear for another journey. We were packing lenses and said, "Hey wait a minute. Wouldn't it be epic if we made lens cases to hold the candle? And to keep the theme of the project Japan-centric shouldn't we use Boro cloth?"

We may make these available to photographers mid Spring 2018 in two sizes that will accommodate SLR lens sizes from 14mm to 105mm. Our 50mm size will come with Elsewhere006 ( click here for link) to keep your travel candle safe while you travel.