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Terms of Use

Your agreement to our terms of use, our description of such usage and a plethora of other legal jargon to keep us all on the up - and - up.

Upon entering our website, YOU AGREE to the TERMS and CONDITIONS set forth below. If you do not agree with what we have to say, our terms, or any information on this page, then please do not use our website- End of Story. The terms of use apply to our website, and all social media attached to our site i.e.; Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

All rights are reserved at our discretion to change, modify, add or remove portions of these "Terms of Use", from time to time as we see fit to adjust to our changing business needs. It is your responsibility to check these "Terms of Use" occasionally to be sure you are up to speed on where our heads are at. We will always update the version of terms set forth at the bottom of this page ,as well as keep a copy of past terms for later reference.

Content and Usage

We are content whores. We produce boatloads of our own content. We feel that stealing others content and portraying it as your own is not only bad kharma, but it is also bad business and we are't down with that at all. Go make your own beautiful world of content, please. If you want to use any of our content, code, design, layout, text, or other materials on our site and social media, please ask first.

We are open to working with folks that work with us, but if we find that you are blatantly using our property we will find you and hang you upside down by your pinkie toes until you scream for mercy (Since usage without permission is not allowed by law, we also will more than likely come to you with legal actions that can result in penalties or worse). To make things really easy, just ask us. We aren't mean or rude, but we like credit to be given where credit is due.

To Be Very Clear, no part of the site and its content may be copied, reproduced, regurgitated, reworked or republished in any way without consent from one of our two partners- in writing. If you are a blogger, social media maven, journalist or other form of content junkie we are happy to converse with you about providing custom imagery and content to suit your needs. It all starts with a conversation and ends with credit being given for designs and content we produce.

Love Notes

If you care to write us any comments, questions, or concerns, or if you want to send us love letters please direct all correspondence to [email protected]

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