Japan | Travel Candle

Shuzenji, Japan


Stuffy hotel rooms and oddly fragrant Airbnb rentals leave a person feeling confined.  Our travel candle is an object that is grounding, yet uplifting. And it's scent helps us stay open and find inner strength." - Jasen

Exploring Japan 2 years ago hoping to meet with Shokunin ( master artisans ) along our road trip we stumbled across a man (and his wife) who made a lasting impression on us, Hajime Imura. A former sake salesman, Hajime turned to art to find freedom from his daily grind.  Not so ironically, he started making sake vessels in his home studio as a way to enjoy his sake.  We asked him to make 80 sake vessels in indigo blue, hoping that the completed candle would be appealing to the eyes with the calming blue color.  While he was crafting the cups, not only did he inscribe his name mark in the bottom of each cup, but also the Japanese kanji symbol for “ friends”.  

Found along the way

We asked our good pals at Norden who are masters at making scented soy candles in reusable vessels to help us bring the idea together.  We wanted a scent that helped us find inner energy and strength.  We visited their studio , played with smells, crashed on their guest bed, and shot heaps of photos. After 24 hours together, we had a new scent called “ Wander”.

We decided on making a case that is built to be a 50mm Camera Lens bag, but can obviously double as a carrying case for the candle.  We shoot heaps of images so we figured having a nice lens case would be a treat.  For the case, we used authentic Japanese Boro fabric with a suede base and pull.  Boro, is respected by many as it gains value by way of years of patina and patchwork.  

If you care to read a much deeper story, you can head to our journal and read design notes, journal posts from the various trips to NYC to build this project and more.  Just use the filter and select Elsewhere006.

February 2016

Edition 006

$210 USD