Oregon | Photo Book

Portland, Oregon


Due to the recent loss of Chris Brunkhart ( chris passed away on the morning of January 2, 2016 ) we have enabled you to buy this book here, rather than wait until we get the entire story launched.

Please excuse our lack of normality, as we try to do our best job to say goodbye to Chris in our own way. Our usual story, timeline, process, and images may follow.

**Elsewhere will keep no funds for the sale of these books, rather will pass every dollar to Chris' husband after sales are completed. All funds to produce the first edition were donated by Elsewhere to help Chris' battle against cancer and to fund his daily routine. Printing for the book was completed "Pro Bono" by Stevens Integrated Solutions in Portland, Oregon. Additionally, The cover artwork was silk screened "Pro Bono" by Seizure Palace in Portland , Oregon.

All books made in Oregon USA.

January 2016

Edition 005

$125 USD