Need and Solution.

The call came in from photographer Thomas Welch ( @thomas_welch ) that High Snobiety was in need of a producer to assist all details for a shoot/video ad for Gucci to be shot in New Mexico. Thomas knew my knowledge of NM runs deep having grown up in the state. It seemed that try as they could, the team inside HS could not get anything organized in NM which is no surprise. The state is notorious for being very hard for outsiders to crack.

I signed on to produce the (long) one day shoot in early November 2018 and began working closely with in-house producer Klaudia Podsiadlo ( @klaudiaclouds ). 2 weeks later we all arrive in NM to shoot. Big thanks out to Teo Griscom ( @unforeseencircumstances ) for all the work on the ground and with locations. Shout out to Cameron ( @camjonb ) for the camera assist and to the whole team that helped me bring together this shoot and stay in NM for 6 days. We could not have had a better shoot if we tried! See pics below that i snagged behind the scenes.

Shoot Date : November 2018

Photographer on shoot: Thomas Welch

Photo Assistant: Cameron Briggs

Videographer : Sammy Suh

Producer : Jasen Bowes

In-house Producer : Klaudia Podsiadlo

Stylist : Teo Griscom

Models: Miles Haber ( State ) , Tay Landau ( Next )