August 2016

Fictcrypto - krimsographs

Quite Rare. Near fine Copy. Signed. This little book measuring about 5 inches square is one of Les Krims' self-published photography books from the 1970's. It reproduces vaguely erotic,humorous Polaroid SX-70 prints along with an introductory essay by the esteemed Hollis Frampton. In Fictocryptokrimsographs, published in 1975, Krims used a Polaroid SX-70 camera to make a series of 40, titled pictures. The SX-70 was chosen, because of the ability to literally move and work the not yet dry, viscous, film emulsion much like paint after the picture developed. Included are various odd and humorous pictures, which are often puns or parodies of fashion trends.

$625 USD