New Ideas in Distribution

We started theorizing on our original trips to Japan how amazing it would be to import the goods we bring home in our bags in larger numbers to be sold in the states. As we traveled the globe designing editions of E L S E VV H E R E goods we expanded that same idea in our minds to cover all areas we visit. We felt it would be a great opportunity to meet new people. And what if we could help them and they could even help us down the road? Seemed to be a winning combo. So we set out to look for the right partners to start a side of our business here that can import, sell and even distribute these goods in the USA to key stockists. We know this will never be a massive part of what we do since we really want to continue to push boundaries of design while traveling, but we will never know unless we try.

We are pleased to introduce our first collection of exclusive lifestyle goods from outside the USA.

You can see it all here. Seriously, just click HERE.