I am Jasen Bowes, photographer, creative tinkerer, and pioneer of the concept brand E L S E W H E R E. You'll find me consulting for brands around the globe on product, marketing, sales, strategy and more on most days. It's well known that on any given day you'll find me with at least 2-3 cameras in my bag. I love to document where i go and the people i work with.

After years of work travel across many continents it was time to build something authentic to me. A concept that weaves together my design travels while bearing my current infatuations. That is where E L S E W H E R E was conceived - everywhere but home.

I have not been alone in weaving this story around the globe and through the many projects that have been designed. By side has always been my sidekick (and love of my life) Allison as well as our daughter Austen. While most jaunts have been solo, i have managed to sneak them into my bags on occasion.

In addition to my immediate family, I've also been fortunate enough to make many friends and mentors who have helped bring most of these design projects to life. If you dig deep into the content on the site you'll meet each of these lovely humans too.

Please enjoy a few photos to get you in the mood for travel and this design experiment concept. i hope you stick around for the ride.