We've been spending a bit of QT over the past 24 hours with our pals Pete Panciera and Dustin Ortiz. Pete and his wife Erika own Norden, founding it just over a year ago. Dustin has a long history with Pete and Erika, as Pete's partner in their design firm work. Dustin also is quite a talented photographer both in the studio and outside wandering around.

We hit all their favorite spots cruising around Encinitas from an epic spiritual meditation center, to an epic dive bar, to a fabulous Japanese dinner at a restaurant famous for their sake selection. We learned heaps about the area they live. It was a blast shooting a few rolls of film while we cruised all the top spots a person would want to see. One thing is clear about Norden : It makes sense why they are always smiling , its hard not to living in such a beautiful place.

We suggest checking on the folks at Norden via their website ( click here to jump ) or by giving them a follow on their instagram campaign by clicking HERE.