We love all things that take on a beautiful patina - brass, iron, cloth, leather ...... and more. How can you not love the way items gain beauty with age. This is one reason we love working with vintage fabrics. Not only can you find deep history in the piece, but they are irreplaceable. At Elsewhere we strive to make items that can remain timeless, are difficult to replicate, and have a lasting use separate from the initial intended use of the item or the packaging.

We had the lucky situation occur while riffing on patina, packaging and japan just recently when speaking about Elsewhere 006. What if we made things from old , worn, patched japanese cloth? Boro would work, add character and each container would be one of a kind. We set out to find a place to source this cloth, which is not an easy task at all for two reasons ; A. It is very scarce. B. It is very expensive ranging from 25 colors for a square foot, to 900 USD for larger pieces of patched Boro. We pushed on regardless of the possible setbacks mentioned and found SRI Threads in Brooklyn ( click here to lean more about Stephen and his appointment only studio of imported goods from Japan).

Stephen Szczepanek owns and operates Sri Threads and has been doing so for over 10 years. Designers from around the globe visit him to purchase his fabrics and peruse his extensive book collection on the subject of Japan and vintage fabrics. We were so lucky to meet him after digging around the web. Without his guidance and support Elsewhere 006 would have no package to deliver in.