Big Red. Border Patrol. Spurs. Lone Star. Breakfast Tacos. Topo Chico. Tacos, Tacos Tacos.

Yes, we're in TEXAS as guests of honor at Inquiry Pop Up.

It is such a treat to have been invited as guests of honor at Inquiry Pop Up in Marfa. Who wouldn't love this special treat?!

The stage is set by our lovely host Ms. Jennifer Elsner to have such a lovely time with 14 ladies who flew in from around the globe to hang out with us ( and other GOH) , experience being in the middle of nowhere, eat some amazing meals, share stories, and find inspiration.

We too expect to find some great insights, make new pals, shoot tons of photos and possibly even find inspiration for a project soon to be made by Elsewhere.

Off to explore.................... To learn more head to this link ( click me )