Happy Times Ahead......

We are currently in Tokyo, Japan working on our plans and laying our our structure for what soon will become a concept to be know as E L S E VV H E R E. Our hope at this moment is that this concept is malleable, non- linear even. Designing goods will be only part of our existence as we look ahead. Our hope is also to showcase our skills in photography, provide our services for travel and inspiration journeys, and to build an open community of talented people around the globe.

This will be the first of many posts to our journal. We hope you keep a keen eye on what we have going on with our new concept. Over the coming months we will be unveiling new products we are designing while on the road; with the people we meet, in the places we visit.

We don't expect our design-travel concept E L S E VV H E R E to be easy to execute, but we hope what you see us put forth is enjoyable and worthy of your hard-earned savings. Thanks for coming along for the ride.