E L S E VV H E R E exists to challenge the norms of brand by operating in a nonlinear manner as a design experiment.

One that thrives on the uncertain. Conceptualized for a community that appreciates a well designed item with a solid story attached. Built for individuals who strive to be unique. A beautiful experiment that not only designs and collects goods in unique places around the globe, but also serves as a specialty provider of inspiration travel and photographic services.

Our hypothesis: Can we build a "brand" that designs and builds a edition comprised of a singular item in small batches while building a community around the globe that will stay interested as we jump from one design concept to the next?

Design isn't new to us. We've advised brands for years about how to curate, tweak, sell and market their designs. Our past experience has allowed us to be fortunate enough to work with companies such as High Snobiety, Levi Strauss, Nike, Burton Snowboards, Pendleton Woolen Mills, RVCA, Urban Outfitters, Property Of... and more. That list of clients took us all over the world for work. All of the inspiration we have from our past clients and our global travels left us confident we could launch an experiment in design such as E L S E VV H E R E.

We decided it was time to build something authentic to us; a concept woven together with all our family strengths. We believe travel has its own soul that, when allowed, can pull you in many different directions. Rarely do our travels follow a straight line, but that is what makes each journey so special because we end up turning over stones never before exposed. Our goal is to capture that non-linear soul to influence our designs by not designing and producing one item per edition, rather than full collections. While we know this is not the norm we feel this process will allow is to fully focus on the needs of the design, packaging, sustainable aspects (if possible), story, collaborators and more. But who knows, we could just be crazy that anyone will actually stay interested long enough to find out what we're up to.

This is why we refer to E L S E VV H E R E as an experiment.

E L S E VV H E R E is driven by Creative Director & Founder Jasen Allyn Bowes with heaps of support from his wife Allison, daughter Austen, and a vast amount of global collaborators (project dependent). At E L S E VV H E R E, normality is our foe. Consider us the antithesis of commercial and corporate. Our output is random, as is the velocity of our design work.

Please come along for the ride.

This is E L S E VV H E R E.