Meet Erik Prowell: Designer, creative director, photographer, all-around epic human.

We had a chance to catch a moment with Erik Prowell recently. Erik is the founder and creative director at Bridge and Burn, a Portland Oregon based clothing brand with rich design taste layered against beautiful fabrics with a northwest aesthetic.

Erik is a long time friend of ours at ELSEVVHERE. We have worked side by side in the trade (fashion) for quite some time. He is a very kind natured man, very humble and extremely intelligent. All of these traits show through his work. Not often do you get to have heaps of time with such a busy guy. He works super hard day and night to make sure his brand is etched into the mind of fashion loving folks in the USA and abroad which leaves little time for niceties. As many successful people will tell you, " keep pushing for greatness, one day it will cross your path in a major way". Erik embodies this mantra 100 percent. We know that while he has already achieved such great success with Bridge and Burn, that he is just barely scratching the surface of what is possible. We feel fortunate to have talked him into a visit with us.

In our ongoing series of Q and A with those that design, we asked Erik to help us gain some insight into his world. Below are excerpts from our interview. We also snapped some Ilford 3200 Black and White with him while we sipped some yummy 21 Yr Tsaketsuru Japanese whisky with him in our studio. Lastly we have added some shots with the same film in his atelier and flagship retail location in Portland, Oregon. We hope you enjoy knowing Erik as much as we do.

And if you're ever through Portland look him up. You'll be super glad you did.

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