Meet our favorite knit hat*

*soon to be your favorite knit hat too.

That's right, after two years in hiding this hat is finally set to release on December 8th.

Originally, we set to release this hat on December 15, 2016 but we had some pretty gnarly things going on with our collaborator for Edition 005 - the photo book with Chris Brunkhart. Chris was losing his battle with cancer, so we pulled up the release of his book so he could see the launch go off and watch all of his books sell out before he passed in early January 2017.

Then, we thought we would release it in Decemeber of 2017, but Edition 010 was selling so well we didn't want to interfere.

So, now you can finally grab one of these hats when we go live this weekend, or if you're lucky enough to live in Portland, Oregon you can grab one on the 6th at our POP Up event called #winterblues hosted by Bridge and Burn at their downtown store inside the union way complex ( across the street from Ace Hotel).

We will kick off with yummy brews from our pals at Breakside Brewing at 4:30 p.m. and wrap up about 7:30pm.

If you don't live in PDX or know someone who can grab a hat for you, then don't fret. Sign up on our email list and we will email you when they go live on our site Saturday a.m.

Also, keep in mind every cent from every sale of these hats will be donated to charities here and abroad that support clean drinking water. Just our way of helping when we can.